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Does anything makes sense anymore.

I was listening to my music while walking back from work when I witnessed a young lady starting to shiver, cry and then fall on the ground, adding screams to her cries and looking in a big mental breakdown.

Someone did call 999 for her, I observed a bit later that two police officers and an ambulance with paramedics were there.

Makes you wonder, what can go so wrong in one’s life to react like that in the middle of the street, while surrounded by strangers. Makes me even wonder how many of us strangers do the same thing in our minds every day and we barely hold it together to not lose control and proceed following her footsteps.

One step forward, two steps back. Uncertainty, a lack of clear purpose or satisfactory results, too much negativity and distractions coming our way.

Of course that people are at the edge. I feel like screaming, shouting and bash myself to the floor myself, but I can’t afford it. I just need to hold it together and to be here for myself, to move forward, not backwards and to find my inner peace-something that I profoundly wish to that young lady as well.


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