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Month: January 2024

Come break the silence-2

I’m thinking-and no, it doesn’t pay well, to quote Arthur Morgan-maybe I should start writing again. I never envisioned myself as a talented writer but writing about things that might’ve or might’ve not happened to me and put it in a fictional way. This might help me recconect with my inner self and achieve/maintain my peace.

Also, it can be something constructive on the long run.

Guess this is might help to keep me moving. But still, I wish I can break this silence. Tear it apart and move past that.

Come break the silence

It’s that time of the year again. Ever since 2020, I always seem to start the new year grinding my way up in Red Dead Online. Never thought that I’ll do it again but one of my gaming friends asked me if I wanna do it on PlayStation and so I did. Man I love that game, no matter how many hours I’ve already spent on it or how many memories (good and/or bad) it holds.

Sometimes I wonder when would distracting myself would end. Because I have other things to grind for at this time but somehow I end up in this circle. Anyway, I wish for my inner self to break this silence and unleash what I need to kickstart my new projects.

For now, I am just idling in red dead while I’m not taking the punishing of Sekiro, another useless stuff I am allocating my energy to rather than doing something else.

Speaking of which, Sekiro reminds me how much I like japanese themed games. Sure, it’s way more difficult to survive Sekiro when compared to Tokyo: Ghostwire or Ghost of Tsushima, but the setting, thematics and landscapes are on point. Oh yeah, and parry-parry-parry-deflecting, hitting, being one shoted, than trying again.

Guess this is what keeps me moving.But still, I wish I can break this silence. Tear it apart and move past that.